John Caudwell is passionate about environmental and ecological reform, and believes governments around the world have no option but to invest urgently and massively in renewable energy sources before it’s too late.

The planet faces increasingly serious consequences as a result of water shortage: we’re pumping more water than the earth can supply. Global warming caused by CO2 emissions, cyclical climate change and deforestation will result in soil erosion and the loss of hundreds of millions of acres of arable farmland, consequently causing vast populations to have to relocate, and leading to failing states.

While we don’t know whether global warming is reversible, what we do know is the world could run on renewable energy produced from voltaic cells, geothermal energy, wind turbines, wave generation and other sustainable sources.

Renewable energy needs to replace 80% of the world’s fossil fuel-generated energy requirements by the year 2020 in order for our planet to stand a good chance of surviving in its current form.

While John believes it is possible to achieve that goal, the question is whether the world is sufficiently motivated to make it happen. There is evidence in many countries of a significantly increasing move towards renewable resources, but the speed of these changes needs to escalate dramatically.