John Caudwell cycling (Photo)
John splits his key sporting interests and passions between cycling and skiing.

A relatively late starter in each, he embraced both two wheels and two skis – sometimes one, but not always intentionally … – in his late 30s.

The same sort of combination of drive and ambition that made him successful in business, combined with innate understanding or mechanical and technical matters, means that he would never settle for cycling to the shops or gentle holiday trips down the piste.

He hasn’t just developed and refined his own ability on wheels and skis, his technical appreciation has also allowed him to enhance and fine tune the equipment he uses. This has also pushed him into relatively expert territory in both fields, meaning he searches for ever-bigger skiing challenges – and longer and faster cycling ventures. He uses his bicycle for getting around big city meetings, has cycled from the Olympic arena in Athens back to London, and in mid 2012 cycled Lands End to John O’Groats in seven days, a feat more usually accomplished in ten.

John’s other interests include flying, with a developing passion for aerobatics, as well as antiques and art – not necessarily valuable, but certainly interesting pieces.

But his main non-sporting passion is cooking – particularly Thai and oriental.