Spear’s – The Giver and the Gift: The Caudwells’ war against Lyme disease


Lyme disease may well have chosen the wrong opponents when it took on the Caudwell family, writes Christopher Jackson

When Phones4U billionaire John Caudwell experienced the diagnosis of his family with Lyme disease, it provided an explanation for the heart-breaking illness of his eldest son Rufus. Now he and his daughter Rebekah Caudwell are focused on beating this little-understood disease.

John Caudwell

This engulfed me. One by one, 11 members of my family were diagnosed with Lyme. Nobody knew anything about it – not the public, and not the medical profession. I had to educate them. Because of my wealth status I was able to make a massive noise about it: it saturated society.

Rebekah Caudwell

When Dad started becoming vocal about Lyme disease, it was amazing watching what he went through. People throughout the world started contacting him: he would sit up until 4am reading every message. He was overwhelmed with grief. He was getting messages of the most traumatic kind from people failed by the system.


I know there’s a way of getting my son well. He spends his life being tortured – every day is a new day of torture: panic attacks, air hunger which tortures him physically as well as mentally and and makes him wish at times he could die. Whatever we’re doing, we’re not doing enough.

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